image What to wear

Well, it’s almost Monday and soon many of us will be headed off to work tomorrow. I often struggle with what to wear to work so there are a couple things I take into consideration when I am deciding on an outfit. First, what does my day look like? Do I have meetings? If I do, that could mean that I need to dress a bit more business-like. I work for a fashion retailer so almost anything goes (within reason) but you still need to think about your audience. The other thing I think about, of course, is the weather. Is it going to be cold, snowy, rainy, warm, etc. I think this would be the normal thing to think about when planning your outfit, right?! I also think about comfort. Many of us are at work for 8+ hours a day. You want to be comfortable!

So, here’s what I do….PINTREST! I love this site! You literally can find anything on there! If you think you mighty want to wear boyfriend jeans, type in “boyfriend jeans” and voila! You have pages upon pages of ideas of what to put with those boyfriend jeans! Another site I love is This site is not as specific but you can check it out by season. What I love about this site too is that you can click on an outfit and find out where to buy each piece in the set. The only caveat is that any of the items could be sold out however the site will make suggestions for similar items.

Both of these sites help give you visuals so that you can put the outfits together in your head with what you might have in your closet. Believe me, I more often than not have all the suggested pieces in my closet or at least a version of it!


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