I love leggings…I love them in the winter…I love them in the summer…I love them in the spring…I love them anytime! With that said, I am picky about my leggings! I do not like leggings that are see-through or the ones that are like tights. So, which ones do I like? Lysse brand! They are awesome! I tried Spanx once. Paid a lot of money for them and was SO disappointed with them. When I bought them the sales lady actually tried to talk me out of the Spanx. She recommended Lysse. She said that she told another customer about them and that same lady came back within a couple days to buy another pair she loved them so much. In my mind, I thought, well okay but Spanx is supposed to be the best and certainly with the cost of them they must be really great. Well, in my opinion I was wrong…they were not worth the money and were the worst leggings I had ever bought! They were super hard to get on and super tight and really felt like thick tights.

I went back to the store where I bought the Spanx and ended up buying the Lysse leggings. Within days I had gone back for another pair and now within the last couple of years I probably own about 10 pair! I have several capri leggings, a pair of capri denim ones and then several long pairs. I feel completely comfortable wearing these leggings with anything. They have a tummy panel which helps with the tummy and they smooth all your other areas like your booty and your thighs. I am not a thin person but I wear these leggings with just about everything. I do always make sure that my behind is somewhat covered just because that’s how I prefer it but believe me nothing jiggles in these leggings yet they are very comfortable.

I can’t stand to see people who wear leggings and let it jiggle all over the place or let you see what color or kind of undies they have on! Come on people, be conscious of what you look like, really look like in leggings!



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