Shoes takes care of everything!

You’ve heard that hugs makes everything better, right? Well, shoes does the same thing for me! I probably have over 200 pairs of shoes! I know, I know….but shoes are one of those things that always fit unlike a dress or a pair of pants. When you gain or lose weight typically your shoes still fit! You can always count on them! When you try on that piece of clothing and it doesn’t fit, do you kind of sink a little and feel bad about yourself? Even just a little? But shoes you can put on and you don’t have to risk them not fitting because you’ve gained or lost weight!

Shoes make the outfit. You can make anything look good with the right pair of shoes! The key to making that perfect outfit is to find the shoe that best completes it. You have to think about color, style and even the weight of the shoe. The last thing you want to do is to have a beautiful strapless summer dress and you have a really heavy shoe. What I mean by that is if the dress is shear like this one:


You don’t want a thick strappy sandal with heavy heel. This dress calls for a wedge with minimal straps and light in color:

Like this:



Not this:


You could even go with an espadrille but it needs to be light and should have some sort of ankle wrap whether it’s a strap or lace up. I use pintrest a LOT to get ideas. Just remember to choose the right shoe to accent what you are wearing!


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