You’re Only As Young As You Feel!

It’s no secret, I love clothes and shoes and all things fashion! I’m not sure where I got that passion but my mother and sisters are into it as well so maybe them? I can even remember being a kid and getting excited about new clothes and shoes! Anyone who knows me knows I am a shoe FREAK! As I’ve said in a past post shoes are everything and no matter your size they always fit!

I am an older gal…(I’ll refrain from saying how old because it’s hard for me to admit it) but I love style and I wear what I want to wear. With that said, I wear things that fit my age. So what I mean by that is, I might wear a short skirt but I would not wear it as short as some of the younger girls would. I love leggings, I just make sure my top covers my behind whereas, younger women might not care what’s covered and what’s not!!!

I refuse to dress frumpy or old ladyish even though I am over 50! I think you can absolutely do that too just by making some motor adjustments. One thing I do is I search Pinterest and other areas in the Internet to get outfit ideas. I also pay attention to what I see out in the public. You can get some great ideas just by checking out other women! Many times I’ll see an outfit and then I will try to recreate it with what I have in my closet. I usually have everything I need in my closet…sad but true!

I also do not care where I get my clothes. They do not have to be name brands or purchased at a big retail store. I shop at Goodwill, consignment shops, Marshall’s and if I’m grocery shopping at Meijer and I see something there that I like, I’ll buy it! Fashion comes and goes and as often as that happens there is not need to spend big dollars on clothing items. However, if there is something basic that you wear all the time you might consider getting a good brand. I mentioned in my “Leggings” post that I buy these certain leggings that are a little expensive but they last and so it’s worth the money.

I absolutely LOVE finding a good deal and finding name brand clothing at Goodwill or the consignment shop. I recently went to a consignment shop near where I live and I found a pair of shoes that I thought we pretty adorable. I didn’t know the brand but I could tell they were expensive. I bought them for $18 and then came home and checked online. Sure enough, they were a good brand. They are sold at Anthropologie and retail for $300. Ummmm….hello! Is that a deal or what?!

Recently, I saw an outfit on Pinterest. It was a striped T-shirt dress with a white denim jacket and brown strappy sandals. Well I had the dress (although not really the color like in the picture) and the sandals. I just needed the white denim jacket. I hated to pay a bunch of money on the jacket so I decided to checkout the resale shops. I found one right away and for only $20! Voila! There is the outfit from Pinterest!

The other piece of advice I have is this….if you have a piece of clothing that you aren’t sure how to where or you just need ideas on what to wear with it…check the Internet especially Pinterest. If you have white skinny jeans and you just need some ideas about what to put with them just do a search in Pinterest by typing “white jeans outfit” and tons of pics will pop up. Create a board and save stuff there. That way you can refer back to it.

So in the end, wear what you want to wear but make sure your body can handle it!



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