Give Yourself a Pop of Color!

It’s pretty typical to want your clothing to match but matching doesn’t mean you have to go monotone from top to bottom.

The days of blue on blue or red on red are over! Mix it up! Why not add a mustard yellow pair of pumps or handbag with leopard pants and a black top? Red and leopard together is so sharp too!


As long as the colors go together you can wear anything! I love wearing my fuschia pumps with denim jeans and maybe a black top.

Mix textures…I love wearing something dressy with something not so dressy….A dressy skirt with a denim shirt or T-shirt. I also love wearing ripped boyfriend jeans with a dressy blouse. And you don’t have to always wear dressy shoes with a skirt….wear a pair of converse!

You can even mix patterns like stripes and florals…as long as the colors go together.

So many options…. so little time! You’ll love getting dressed every day if you just open up your mind to thinking outside the box! I sometimes can’t decide what I want to wear because of all the options!

I mentioned before that I use Pinterest a lot to get ideas. Create a board and save outfits you like. That way you can always refer back. If you have a piece of clothing that you want to wear but you’re not sure how to wear it….search it on Pinterest. Here’s an example: I have boyfriend jeans and I know I can wear just about anything with them but I just need to see some options so I do a search for “boyfriend jeans” in Pinterest and voila! I suddenly have so many ideas in front of me! It’s awesome! Another site I love is Polyvore however it’s a little dangerous for me! Polyvore puts whole outfits together and they also break each piece out and tells you where you can buy them….ugh!

I even do searches for “summer outfits” and I get ideas from that. I may not have the exact piece listed but I usually have something similar.

The Internet is a wonderful tool…use it! Or send me a note with questions and I can try to help if you are trying to put things together or need ideas!

Thanks for reading!!!





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