Mules….not the animal kind!


Have you seen everyone wearing the slide-on loafer type shoes? It’s all the rage now! They come in all different styles and colors. Some even embellished with jewels or embroidered with flowers.

Mules can be worn many different ways with many different things. They are really comfortable too! I have several pairs. A couple of mine have a higher heel. These are more like bootie mules. They are cute with longer jeans or pants but can also look nice with skinny jeans as well. One pair is by Splendid and they are called the Deborah mule and I got them in maroon. They’re suede and very comfortable. I love that they are not a traditional color like black or brown. I wear these with everything from leggings, skinny jeans to wide legged pants or jeans.

Another pair I have are from Dolce Vita. These are more in a light tan color and they are leather with the higher heel like the Splendid ones I have.  Ironically, Target sells DV brand which is by Dolce Vita and they have the mules that look exactly like the ones I bought only cheaper priced so check them out!

I also found a pair at Nordstrom. These are black, pointed and low-heeled (about an inch). I wear these the most. They look better with ankle pants/jeans/leggings. Not so much with longer pants. They are not embellished but they do have a Suede panel on the top. Finally, the last pair I have I found at TJ Maxx for $12 on clearance! They are Franco Sarto (so I got a great deal). These mules have embroidered flowers on them. SO cute! They are low heeled as well with maybe 1/2” heel.

One suggestion I have for the mules is to get the half socks or footies. They cover just the toes but they help keep your foot from sliding, they make the mule more comfortable and helps keep them from rubbing on your foot.

Again, there are many different styles of mules, open toe, closed toe, low heeled, high heeled, pointed, rounded, embellished, embroidered, suede, leather….the list is never ending! So go get your mule on!





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